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After baby number two my PMS symptoms were out of control. The cramping and the bloating would knock me out for a whole day, I needed something to help me and fast. A girlfriend of mine was taking Krill Oil and was reaping some serious benefits so I thought why not! I found Better Bodies Unlimited Omega 3 Krill Oil. Can I just say that I feel like a whole new woman! My husband and kids have all commented on how much my attitude, energy and overall physical wellness has changed! I love it and won't be going a day without it again!

T. Surrette

I started to find out more about Krill Oil because of a recommendation by Dr. Oz and I realized there are really great benefits that it provides: Not only is its fatty acid more potent than Omega 3 Fish Oil, its antioxidant power is 300 times more than the fish oil!!!

If you are looking for a reliable brand that markets Krill Oil, I highly recommend Better Bodies Unlimited Omega 3 Krill Oil, because the owner is sincere and believes in his product; if you ask him about Krill Oil, you can be sure he will help you understand what you are getting. I had been using this brand for months and I can see an improvement in my knee areas (I don’t feel as much pain as before).

Again, I highly recommend trying out Better Bodies Unlimited Omega 3 Krill Oil if you want to experience great customer support and reap the benefits of the Krill Oil.

Ryan Low

I've been bowling for years in a recreational league and love it, but these last few months I was finding it harder and harder to move the next day, from my shoulder right down to my knee I was stiff and sore. Thankfully my wife always knows all the answers and gave me some of her Krill Oil to first I was kind of embarrassed, what would I tell my buddies if they asked why I was feeling better? That I took my wives girly pills?  But, then it worked! And it worked so well I found myself boasting about it to anyone who would listen!! Honestly this oil is the stuff of dreams, I haven't bowled this well and felt this well since I was in my 30's!

Brian  Watkins

An old baseball injury had been sneaking up on me these last few years and used to come and go but recently had been sticking around longer each time and making it very difficult to walk. My naturopath recommended I start off taking Krill Oil to ease my joint pain, he has never been so right! I feel amazing, so amazing I want to start playing ball again.....I won't but I want to and feel like I could! Thanks Better Bodies!


Fred Harpell

I've been playing golf weekly with Al for the past 5 years but recently his game really improved and he was walking the course a lot faster too. He told me he started taking Better Bodies Unlimited Krill Oil and his joints are so much looser and that he just feels great. I got myself some as well and now we both feel great and are quite the team to beat in tournaments!


Wesley B.

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